I’m based in Greensboro, North Carolina and for 12 years I worked at Batanga helping build a small online radio startup into a global music streaming service. I started as a content producer and ended up being head of music programming. Now I build and manage websites for web shops and good folks in the area.

In 1997 – I started a mobile DJ business while in high school and ran around playing music for people for money. It was called The Night Shift, I maded business cards and everything!

1999 – I move to the mountains of North Carolina to attend Appalachian State University where I continued running around playing music for people for money.

2004 – Graduated with a B.Sc. degree in Electronic/Media Broadcasing.

2005 – I start my professional career at Batanga.com where I create content and program playlists. 🤔 playing music for a lot more people and for a lot more money.

2006 – At Batanga we introduce our own social network and a user once asked if I was the Tom of our site. 🤭

2007 – I begin tinkering with WordPress and not long after that I begin tinkering with BuddyPress because you know, social networks. I was kinda like a Tom, afterall.

2007 – 2009 For the next few years we just grinded and learned the ins and out of building a new media/music streaming company.

2010 – I found myself in the role of managing a team of music curators and radio programmers responsible for station programming and song data management used to recommendation algorithms.

2011 – 2016 Continued the grind but it was during this time and my involvement in managing music databases and the development of web and mobile applications that lead me to really getting into web development.

2017 – Batanga Radio closes up shop. We had a good run.

2017 – Today I work as a freelance WordPress designer/developer helping various web shops and regular Joes in the area with their web projects. And I still tinker with my own little personal web projects like Arriba Yo and Gooder News.